1509022_10204857121540863_201789632851899451_nMy name is Antoinette Banks and I am a single parent to a fantastic 10-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

My daughter and I, who we all call Nunu, want to share our experiences and hopefully create a space that shifts the conversation of ASD from finding a “cure” to autism awareness and understanding. I have lost count over the years just to how many times I have spoken with coaches, summer camps, tutors and said “autistic” to be asked did I mean “artistic”!! LOL!

I hopes that our experiences, rants and epic illustrations might be able to help another family who may be going through the challenges of ASD, the school district AND sometimes the pressure and let down from the ones closest to you-family and friends.

So, begins our story of a tailor made life with the goal to inject epicness across the land.