When you want a blouse, dress or suit to fit just right, you take your garments to a tailor. The tailor then takes your complete measurements and creates a piece that made specially for you.  Pieces that are custom fitted take time to mold and shape with a specific purpose. I would like to believe that the life my daughter and I live through the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) lens was perfectly crafted and tailored by God.

Welcome to the Tailor Made Life. I hope my experiences as a mommy to a wonderful 10-year-old daughter with ASD will help shift your perspective and offer you encouragement and hope.

FYI–Site is still being developed, feel free to browse while the dust settles. LOL

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Doctors Don’t have the Final Say in Autism

First, I want to say–this post is not about bashing doctors or their practice of medicine but more of an encouragement of what the decision making process a parent or guardian holds. I want to tell you a story… I received Nevaeh’s diagnosis of autism when she was 4-years-old. There was no comfort, but only … Continue reading Doctors Don’t have the Final Say in Autism

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